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Tea Time with Grim

Editorial Fashion Shoot

Trigger warning: Tea Time with Grim is the story of suicidal tendencies. Being on earth and not being able to live my purpose had me feeling very suicidal with my lowest point in fall 2023. Through inspiration I was able to recover with a new drive to succeed and a will to live my passion. The story to are about to read is fiction and tells the story of a person who follows the Grim Reaper to their own death.

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“Life is so..”


“.. daunting.” Evie finishes her thought sorrowfully.

“Yes, this is fun, isn’t it?” Evie promptly agrees with her friends. She means the words, but the happiness she experiences to be amongst them feels muted as if she can’t enjoy it in its entirety. Feeling slightly embarrassed of her disconnectedness, she casually slides her glasses higher up her nose. She is most comfortable when hidden.

“Now that we’ve spoken of life,” Samantha muses, “we all think of death from time to time, don’t you agree?” 

Victoria slightly nods her head in agreement, but it is Evie who eventually speaks. A pensive look crosses her face as she delicately smooths the white fabric of her dress across her quivering legs. “I haven’t considered myself suicidal, but if the Grim Reaper knocked on my door I would invite him in for tea.” 

All three women become lost in thought as the Reaper knocks on their imagined doors.

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Evie’s mind succumbs to the guilt that envelops her each time she lingers on thoughts of death. “Would my loved ones understand why I had to leave this Earth? Would they know how hard I struggled to stay with them? Would they recognize how much pain I truly hid? The young woman glances at Victoria and Samantha. “Does anyone realize just how much suffering I hide?”

Victoria flirts with the idea of death. She dances the fine line between understanding its finality and romanticizing its everlasting freedom. At times, Death holds Victoria in his grasp as she sinks lower and lower, but something always brings her back to the surface. She is fascinated with researching death and theories of the afterlife. However, experiencing it for herself is a brink she has always pulled herself back from.

Samantha is less preoccupied with death and instead stops to smell the flowers when it comes to life. She embraces each new experience with a positive mindset and is fully present in each moment she finds herself in. Yet, she too hides at times. Her sunny disposition isn’t without its share of intrusive thoughts. Perhaps death would be easier when life becomes unbearable. Samantha considers herself blessed to be able to quickly brush those unwanted thoughts aside.

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Unbeknownst to her friends, Evie’s door isn’t so imaginary. Death hangs over her head as she’s reminded of all that she’d be leaving behind. Family. Friends. Love and adventure. She’s tormented by not wanting to lose such precious earthly treasures, but the dark thoughts flood her helpless mind as she watches her loved ones move on without her, oblivious to her fading absence. 

Evie’s mask has gently slipped without notice. Her friends carry on as though nothing has changed. They continue their laughs and conversations, engrossed in each other and their personal lives. “More tea?" she imagines them asking. “What about more time?” she mournfully wishes.

Death slips his hand into hers. “It’s now time,” the gesture seems to whisper. 

Evie still clings to a sliver of hope. “I’ll miss out on so much. I can’t go down this path.” She looks longingly at her friends, at their joyous faces and the contentment they share, enjoying the moment together. Her eyes flicker with a painful realization. “That isn’t me anymore and my façade is too much of a burden to continue carrying.” 

Death firms his comforting grasp on her trembling hand as she finally turns her back on the life she once knew. She is ready for what comes next, whatever that may be.

Some souls are forever lost after inviting the Grim Reaper in for tea. 

Story by Cristalena Fury
Photography by Fernando Pacheco

Modeling by: Evie played by Emerald, Victoria played by Cristalena Fury, Samantha played by Star

Concept by Angel

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