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My Work

Take a look at some of my custom made clothing, costumes, and unique one-of-a-kind items. I take pride in our work and I am always excited to showcase our latest creations. 

Omnium Circus Ringleader Coat (2023)

Omnium: A Bold New Circus is a visionary not-for-profit organization bringing together a completely diverse cast of extraordinary talent from all over the globe…uniquely unified, multitalented, multi-racial, and multi-abled, our stars transport audiences into a world of jaw dropping spectacle and wonder, inspiring them with extraordinary feats of human accomplishment and the astounding potential of the human spirit.

Omnium back_edited.jpg
omnium side_edited.jpg

Six Degrees of Hell (2012)

As I often designed costumes for the Hotel of Horror, several actors wore them when filming the movie "Six Degrees of Hell" starring Corey Feldman and directed by Joe Raffa.

six degrees of hell.PNG
six degrees of hell 2.PNG
Photography provided by The Hotel of Horror

Published in Lipstick Magazine (2023)

Issue 5 Volume 11 23'

Photography by: Dreams of Lore Artistry, Crystal M Manning
Model: Emerald McMahon

boleroxena 2.jpg

Steampunk Xena Fire Performer (2023)

4 piece costume includes Bolero Jacket, Wrap tank top, Flare leggings, and Bustle skirt

Photo Credit: Steampunk Xena,
William Cardwell - Liam  Photography

whole costume xena_edited_edited.jpg

Mini Collection -
The People's Ball (2023)

I presented a mini collection at The People's Ball with a live runway show. We attended with 3 looks. Click on the images below to see more of each look.

Photography by: Dreams of Lore Artistry, Crystal M Manning
Trinity Affuso IG: @trinity.affuso

Emmy McMahon IG: @iamspidermcmahon

photographer logo_edited.jpg
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