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My Journey

Born and raised in Levittown, NY, my journey began when I was 8 years old and I took an interest in sewing. My mother took me to the store to buy a pattern for a jumper and she helped me lay down the pieces onto the plum corduroy fabric I had picked out. Together we pinned and cut out each piece and she taught me a simple running stitch which I did by hand along the entire garment. When I was done I had what somewhat resembled a jumper.


The first time I used a sewing machine was when I was in high school. I was participating in a fashion design art class which was combined with the home economics division. We spent time sketching our visions based on the pattern we brought from home and then we took them into production to create a fully finished garment with instructional oversight. This was the very first time I made something wearable. It was an army print A-line skirt with a waist band and zipper. I was so excited with these new skills that I wanted to make more garments. Next, I purchased a pair of army pants from the local flea market and I removed the cargo pockets. I added a panel of black twill to make them wide leg and attached the pockets back on. I wore these pants to raves and they were so admired. One night I had made a new friend, we spent the next day together laughing and having fun, and after a few hours she asked if we could switch pants. We were the same size and she asked if she could borrow them. I agreed to do so and I headed home with different pants on only to find out the next day I had been swindled out of my own pants! This new friend never answered my phone calls again and my awesome pants were gone for good. 

After high school I applied to FIT in Manhattan and was accepted, however financially I could not commit and did not attend. I mourned that loss for a long time, feeling as if I had made a huge mistake in my life, but I came to understand that there are many paths that lead to your destiny and I was simply just following a different one. From there I continued to sew and pick up tips and tricks wherever I could and from whom ever would teach me. With practice and endurance I advanced in my sewing skills and launched a retail business called Angel Moonsteps Collection. This venture led me to work at many Renaissance Fairs in the Tri-State area and meet wonderful new friends. 

A few years later, finding it unsustainable and completely boring to build stock of the same items over and over with little to no change I decided to go another direction. I wanted to embrace my creativity and avoid having to make the same garment twice, so I became a freelance costume designer and named the venture Angel's Costumes & Designs. Working with independent actors and productions, I fabricated one-of-a-kind creations. These creations required thought, engineering, design, creativity and artistic ability. One of my favorite endeavors was working with the Hotel of Horror and Altered Nightmares to create horrifying costumes for their key actors. With that success came the opportunity have my costumes featured in the movie "Six Degrees of Hell" staring Corey Feldman and directed by Joe Raffa.

In 2012, I found myself wanting to really hone my skills and perfect my craft so I returned to school. I took a few classes at Baum School of Art in Allentown, PA surrounding pattern making and construction. I then continued on with private lessons to fill in the gaps in my knowledge. Learning from Pamela Ptak, I really was able to put all the fragments together to elevate my proficiency. 

Angel's Alterations was introduced in 2022 to further understand how to be successful in the fashion business. I currently accept clients for alterations of formal and casual attire. 

My current business model is comprised of alterations, custom designing, and costuming. If you are interested in bringing a vision to life please contact me and lets walk that path together. 

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